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Titan Spine lnterbody Fusion Devices with nanoLOCK® Surface Technology

At Titan Spine, we understand the importance of returning spinal fusion patients to function and activity as quickly as possible. And that starts with the interbody fusion device used in surgery. Titan Spine's proprietary nanoLOCK® surface technology has transformed the role of the interbody device into active participants in the fusion process rather than acting solely as spacers. The unique combination of surface textures at the macro, micro and nano levels support implant stability while prompting the natural production of the osteogenic and angiogenic factors needed for robust bone formation and fusion. In fact, it has been shown that our nanoLOCK® surface technology begins the mechanisms of bone growth from virtually the moment it is implanted. See our Research Studies and Clinical Outcomes page for a complete list of more than a dozen published studies that support the osteogenic capabilities of our surface technologies compared to other common interbody fusion device materials.

ENDOSKELETON® lnterbody Cages

Titan Spine offers a full line of titanium ENDOSKELETON® interbody fusion devices featuring its proprietary nanoLOCK® surface technology, designed to:

  • Promote rapid patient healing

  • Provide immediate intervertebral stability

  • Allow for increased bone graft material

  • Permit excellent visualization and fusion assessment on postoperative CT and MRI scans

  • Reduce post-operative opioid use

  • Prompt the natural production of endogenous BMP, thus eliminating the need for exogenous BMP

  • Create the potential for a faster and more robust fusion

If Titan Spine is not currently available at your facility, we have sales representation in your area and a dedicated team of contract specialists to assist in that effort.

Please contact us at:

Toll Free: 1-866-822-7800

Local: 1-262-242-7801

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