Kevin W. Gemas President Titan Surface Technologies

Mr. Gemas, co-founder of Titan Spine in 2005, has over 25 years of executive experience and a proven track record of building professional organizations. He has successfully founded and established three companies that grew revenues in excess of $20 million. In 1989 he was named by Xerox Corporation as the Cleanroom & Laboratory Supplier of the Year, in 1999 he was named Entrepreneur of the Year and in 2001 he was named Executive of the Year within the state of Wisconsin. In addition, Mr. Gemas has been a recognized motivational speaker for hundreds of secondary and post-secondary public schools, corporations and foundations over the past fifteen years. His presentations and programs have been featured in hundreds of television, radio, and newspapers. Mr. Gemas is a graduate of Clemson University, where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Administrative Management. He was privileged to be a member of both the Block C Letterman Club and 1981 National Championship Football Team.
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Kevin W. Gemas